Heat Exchanger Design Utilizing Natural Refrigerants

Environmentlly-Friendly Heat Exchanger DesignDifferent natural refrigerants exhibit quite different behavior in heat exchangers. BVN Engineering can help you with proper design and performance predictions for various types of heat exchangers using these special working fluids. Contact us for any heat exchanger design need worldwide.

Single phase heat transfer and fluid flow, boiling heat transfer and fluid flow in evaporators, as well as condensing heat transfer and fluid flow in condensers, are all areas of experience and expertise that can be applied to properly designing and specifying heat exchangers for your heating and cooling systems.

Recommendations for materials of construction which are appropriate for the working fluid, as well as for the operating environment to avoid metal loss due to corrosion is also an area we can help you with. Heat pipe heat exchangers can be used very successfully to solve specific heat transfer problems in a way that is space efficient and effective. The natural refrigerants, particularly ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water can be used very effectively in heat pipes for air-to-air heat recovery in medium to high temperature applications.

Supercritical CO2 gas cooling presents a number of interesting design challenges that we can help you solve. Whether cooling the supercritical CO2 gas with air, water, or another fluid, we can assist with the design and performance modeling of these special heat exchangers.

Specialized Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis

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