Bruce V. Nelson Engineering Reviews – What Our Friends in the Industry Say

When selecting a company to assist you with the application of natural refrigerants to your systems, its important you know who you’re working with. Looking at company reviews is a good help in making the right choice. Read below what others are saying about BVN Engineering.

Joe Fazzari, President Colmac Coil Manufacturing Inc.

“Colmac’s highly engineered product offering and good reputation in the market was achieved due to Bruce’s many years of hard work as President. We would not be the successful company we are today without him.”

Dr. Douglas Reindl, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Founding Director of the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC)

“Bruce is a true “engineering leader.”  Many engineers transition into leadership roles and detach from their roots as an engineer. Of course, engineers take with them into leadership problem solving skills, systematic thought processes, and other attributes engrained through their technical careers, but Bruce continued to stay engaged not leaving his engineering roots but strengthening them along the way. Great leaders make an impact in areas where they serve.  Great “engineering leaders” have even greater impact through their lasting technical contributions.”

Dr. Andy Pearson, Group Managing Director, Star Refrigeration, Glasgow, Scotland

“I have worked with Bruce for over 20 years and he has been a great help establishing our US business for low charge ammonia systems. His expertise in heat transfer for evaporators and condensers is exceptional and he has a wealth of experience with all natural refrigerants.”

Stefan S. Jensen, Managing Director, Scantec Refrigeration Technologies Pty. Ltd. Brisbane, Australia

“Bruce was instrumental in starting the development of centralized, low charge ammonia refrigerating plant in Australia in 2012/13. Now in 2022, there will be thirty such systems operational throughout Australia, China, and Malaysia all designed and constructed by Scantec.”

Bent Wiencke, President Chill-On, LLC

“I consider myself fortunate to have known Bruce for more than 25 years. During this time, we were able to collaborate professionally, and brainstorm new ideas and concepts together. While President at Colmac Coil he not only elevated the company to be one of the most innovative companies in the industry, but he also pushed the industrial refrigeration industry to a higher level.”

Take advantage of the expertise and experience available to you from BVN Engineering

If you need an expert in industrial heat and mass transfer, look no further than Bruce V. Nelson Engineering. Our team is highly trained and respected with regard to heating and cooling system and equipment design, heat exchanger design and modeling, and training. Please view our publications as well as our varied accreditations and memberships , and feel free to contact us today for help in applying environmentally-friendly natural refrigerants to your business.

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