Refrigeration Consulting Engineers

Founded in 2021, Bruce V. Nelson Engineering, LLC (BVN Engineering) is an engineering consulting company offering expert assistance with application of the natural refrigerants ammonia, carbon dioxide (CO2), propane, propylene, isobutane, hydrocarbons, air and water for practical heat and mass transfer solutions. Our refrigeration consulting engineers offer expert assistance with all aspects of:

Heating & cooling system design
Heating & cooling equipment design
Education & training

Heating and Cooling System & Equipment Design

BVN Engineering offers expert assistance with the design of heating, cooling and heat recovery systems, as well as with specific equipment and components. Whether your process involves heating or cooling of products or people, we can help you with engineering analysis and equipment selection and specifications to insure you reach the temperatures, environmental conditions and/or production rates you require.

We have the expertise to help with low and medium temperature refrigeration including blast freezing, heat pumps, heat recovery heat pipes, dehumidification, and adiabatic and evaporative cooling. The application of natural refrigerants to any of these system types, whether supercritical, transcritical or subcritical, is a specialty of Bruce V. Nelson Engineering. When the time comes to evaluate your heating and cooling needs, we’ll work to help you get the results you want and need.

Education and Training

Training is essential when working with natural refrigerants, and is an important part of the service we offer. Our CEO is recognized world-wide as a speaker and educator on the subject, and is helping train the next generation of engineers.heating and refrideration consulting engineers, heat and mass transfer, heat exchanger designs, industrial refrigeration, heat pumps, heat recovery with heat pipes, design, analysis, and training

Engineering Accreditations and Memberships Worldwide – A History of Participation in the Engineering Community

When you need a trusted advisor to help you with industrial heat and mass transfer designs and analysis, you want to make sure that company is qualified and up-to-date. At Bruce V. Nelson Engineering, we maintain memberships with the most important organizations in the industry. Our history of engineering accreditations means that we will provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise.

Memberships & Engineering Accreditations

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Refrigeration Consulting Engineers Serving Clients Worldwide